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MD/MS Program

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Medicine offer a combined MD/MS degree program for eligible medical students. TTUHSC medical students in good academic standing that are interested in the MD/MS program should contact the GSBS Office for further information. To formally apply to the MD/MS program, the applicant should submit a written request to the GSBS Senior Associate Dean,, and cc research mentor and Within the letter specify the faculty member (must have graduate faculty status) that has agreed to serve as a mentor for MS research. The GSBS will coordinate with SOM in reviewing this request.


BASIC PROGRAM: Upon completion of Year 2 of medical school (MS II), including USMLE Step I Exam, (or completion of Year 3, MS III), TTUHSC medical students may enter a one year MS program in Biomedical Sciences. During this year (July/August – June), MD/MS students will be engaged full time in biomedical research within any TTUHSC faculty member’s laboratory that has GSBS graduate faculty status, culminating in a M.S. thesis (thesis track) or final report (non-thesis track).


REQUIREMENTS: MD/MS students are allowed to transfer 30 credit units from MS I and MS II coursework. In addition, they must also complete:

• the GSBS Responsible Conduct of Research course,

• at least one elective didactic course (e.g. Biomedical Statistics; Bioinformatics, etc.),

• at least 6 hours of research and

• 6 hours of MS thesis coursework (for thesis track).


Additional details of the requirements for the M.S. in Biomedical Sciences are provided in the GSBS Catalog located on-line at:


ASSISTANTSHIPS: MD/MS students will be provided with an annual salary of $25,000 (each 1/3 amount will be provided by GSBS, SOM, and faculty mentor respectively). From this salary amount the student is responsible for costs of tuition, student health insurance requirement, books, etc.