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TTUHSC Abilene Campus

TTUHSC Goals and Objectives

  1. TTUHSC will foster the development of competent health care professionals and biomedical researchers.
    • Increase student enrollment in targeted academic programs.
    • Develop and enhance academic programs that reflect targeted health care education needs.
    • Provide academic and student support services which promote student success across the institution.
  2. TTUHSC will recruit, develop, and retain outstanding employees.
    • Recruit, develop, and retain faculty who enhance the reputation of the university.
    • Recruit, develop, and retain qualified staff.
  3. TTUHSC will advance knowledge and health care practice through innovative research and scholarship.
    • Develop and enhance programs to facilitate an increase in externally funded, peer-reviewed research that reflects a diversity of interests.
  4. TTUHSC will promote improved community health through the provision of patient care services and health care education.
    • Improve access to quality health care and education among targeted populations.
  5. TTUHSC will operate effectively and efficiently through maximization of available resources.
    • Maintain financial stability through efficient management of fiscal resources and fundraising efforts.
    • Maintain appropriate technology to promote effective operations in a multi-campus system.
    • Operate and maintain a physical environment conducive to learning, research, and patient care.
    • Work collaboratively with key stakeholders to accomplish the mission of the institution.

TTUHSC Strategic Plan: 2013-2018

2016 Strategic Planning Retreat Report

Strategic Plan Updates