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International Agreement Procedures

The general procedure for creating a collaborative agreement with a university or institution abroad is as follows:

agreement process flow chart

Exploration and Approval

  • Identify the Faculty Champion and Explore Opportunities
    Each agreement requires a TTUHSC faculty champion. The faculty champion is responsible for maintaining contact with the collaborating institution and overseeing collaborative activities. During the beginning stage of the agreement process, the faculty champion will identify the opportunities that exist, the interest of both parties, and the constraints that would determine the capability, suitability, and sustainability of the potential host site. 
  • Complete an Agreement Worksheet
    To begin the process of establishing an agreement, the faculty champion must submit an agreement worksheet to the Office of Global Health (OGH). All requests for international agreements are reviewed by the TTUHSC International Affairs Council whose recommendation is forwarded to the TTUHSC president. Final approval of the potential collaboration is subject to the approval of TTUHSC's president.

Negotiation and Consensus

  • Phase 1: Memorandum of Understanding
    • Review Template Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
      If approved, OGH will then send the MOU template to the collaborating institution for review. The collaborating institution will review the template and provide TTUHSC with any additional information necessary to complete the template document (e.g., official name, acronym, complete names and titles of the institution's official signatories). The primary signatory must be the institution's president or a direct counterpart to the president of TTUHSC. Any secondary signature as required by the collaborating institution may also be included. Please note that the template should not be signed.
    • Print Finalized MOU
      Once the collaborating institution approves the template, OGH will prepare an original MOU in duplicate for the signature(s) of both parties.
    • Secure Signatures
      OGH will send the original MOU in duplicate by express mail to the collaborating institution for signature(s). Once the collaborating institution has signed the duplicate originals, they should be returned to OGH. OGH will then route the documents through the TTUHSC contracting system and secure the signature of the TTUHSC president.
    • Distribute Signed MOUs
      OGH will send one original, fully signed MOU to the collaborating institution. The other will remain on file in the TTUHSC Contracting Office.
  • Phase 2: Program Agreement
    • Negotiate and Draft Program Agreement
      After an MOU is executed, it will serve as the umbrella document for future collaborative activities between TTUHSC and the collaborating institution. As specific projects or programs for individual schools are developed, separate Program Agreements will be required. TTUHSC and the collaborating institution must agree on all terms for the Program Agreement, including each party's rights and responsibilities. If additional Program Agreements are added to the MOU at a later date, an agreement worksheet referencing the appropriate MOU must be submitted to OGH.
    • Print Finalized Program Agreement and Secure Signatures
      Once the Program Agreement has been finalized and approved by the appropriate TTUHSC and collaborating institution authorities, OGH will prepare an original Program Agreement in duplicate for the parties' signatures. This step includes routing the Program Agreement through the TTUHSC contracting system.
    • Distribute Signed Program Agreement
      As with the MOU, OGH will maintain an original Program Agreement and distribute a fully executed copy to the collaborating institution.

Review and Renewal

  • To renew an agreement at the end of its term, the faculty champion must submit a new agreement worksheet. Any changes or new developments in the collaboration must be noted here. The process for renewal follows the same procedure as that for establishing a new agreement.
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