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How Your Generosity Changed the Class of 2016

Through your generosity, the Class of 2016 graduates with incredible experiences. Each student has a unique story and connection with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Here are a few of the stories that highlight the successes, achievements and opportunities made possible by you.

Developing TTUHSC into a world-class training institution requires scholarships to attract the best and brightest students to our programs. The Class of 2016 leaves a legacy that will continue to move TTUHSC forward.

Thank you for being a part of their legacy.

Image of Swapneeta Date and her parents                    Image of Wendy Kissko and her family         SWAPNEETA DATE                                       WENDY KISSKO 
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences       School of Health Professions

 Image of James Keeton                Image of April Beckling and family
 JAMES KEETON                                                APRIL BECKLING
 School of Medicine                                             School of Nursing

Image of Bertrin Vouffo and her family
School of Pharmacy