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Welcome to the TTUHSC Office of Institutional Advancement.

 At TTUHSC, we know that your gift means as much to you as it does to us.

That’s why we’re here:

      – to connect you with the right programs, students and patients
      – to ensure that your vision for your gift is met
      – to celebrate a shared culture of giving and all of the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together to improve the health of our communities.

We’re not alone when we say we’re grateful for your generosity. And we’re proud to serve as your link to TTUHSC.

Questions about giving?

E-mail us at or contact one of our team members. We look forward to changing lives together. 


Kendra Burris
Kendra Burris
Assoc. Vice Chancellor

e-mail | 806.743.2962

Zoe Metcalf
Zoe Metcalf
Executive Associate

e-mail | 806.743.4963

Image of Marcie Aultman

Marcie Aultman
Office Manager

e-mail | 806.743.7507

Image of Ashley Hamm

Ashley Hamm
Managing Director

e-mail | 806.743.1445


Image placeholder Renee D’Ambrosi

Tara White
Office Assistant

e-mail | 806.743.1004


Gift Officers

Mattie Been
Mattie Been
Health Professions, Nursing

e-mail | 806.743.4966

Marta Collier
Marta Collier
Corporations & Foundations

e-mail | 806.743.7612

Image of Carley Du Menil

Carley Du Menil
School of Pharmacy

e-mail | 806.414.9173

Image of Jaclyn Inkhamheng

Jaclyn Inkhamheng

e-mail | 806.414.9166

Image of Cyndy Morris

Cyndy Morris
Biomedical Sciences,Medicine
Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health

e-mail | 806.743.4965

Image of Philip Wicker

Philip Wicker

e-mail | 325.696.0465

Image of Jessica Zuniga

Jessica Zuniga
Permian Basin

e-mail | 432.703.5116



Image of Kallie Barley
Kallie Barley

e-mail l 806.743.1416

Tonya Cox
Tonya Cox
Permian Basin

e-mail | 432.703.5130


Image of Renee D’AmbrosiRenee D’Ambrosi

e-mail l 806.414.9313

 Rebecca MartinezRebecca Martinez

e-mail l 325.696.0428

 Communications & Donor Relations

Danette Baker
Danette Baker

e-mail | 806.743.1450

Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson
Donor Relations

e-mail | 806.743.2788

University Relations   

Image of Kiley CowleyKiley Cowley
External Relations Assistant

e-mail | 806.435.0631


Marta Collier Place Holder
Darcy Pollock
Internal Relations
OurHSC Campaign

e-mail | 806.743.3538


DaLana Williamson

DaLana Williamson
External Relations

e-mail | 806.743.1110


Alumni & Future Alumni Relations

Julie Doss
Julie Doss
Senior Director

e-mail | 806.743.3329

Image of Laura Ray
Laura Ray
Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Our Legacy Now Student Foundation, President's Select 

e-mail | 806.743.3239

Image of Danette WellerDanette Weller
TTUHSC Alumni Association Membership

e-mail | 806.743.3239