There are many opportunities for medical students to further their education by participating in exciting electives here at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. Below are some descriptions about our most popular electives for year 1 and year 2 medical students.

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Description: Ultrasound is an increasingly important and useful technology in medicine. This elective will provide students with more opportunities to practice hands-on ultrasound skills and to review common pathologies on ultrasound. This elective is available to both MS1 and MS2 students.

Duration: September through March 

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Description: The Texas Tech Apprenticeship Program (TTAP) is a student centered, longitudinal program designed to offer the learner intense exposure within a clinical field. Students will develop a curriculum proposal with a faculty mentor and execute the proposal over the course of the year following approval from Dr. Campbell. Participation in TTAP will introduce students to the medical professional work environment and effectively allow students to begin building a professional identity. TTAP will also allow students to put pre-clinical education in context though actual interactions with patients and individual faculty mentors. It is hoped that this early clinical exposure will stimulate learning among students during the pre-clinical years.

Duration: This program is longitudinal and should run from January of MS1 to December of MS2. Program may extend into MS3 and MS4 pending availability of faculty and approval from the TTAP Subcommittee. 

Director: Samuel J. Campbell, MD; Assistant Dean for Clinical Science Curriculum (Email)

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