DallasRoughly one-half of the TTUHSC - SOP student population has historically come from within a 100-mile radius of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, an area of the state where the shortage of pharmacists has often been described as critical. To help ease the shortage, the school started developing its Dallas/Fort Worth regional program in 1997 with clinical placements for a few fourth-year students.

In 1999 TTUHSC-SOP officially opened its D/FW regional campus using facilities leased from Baylor University Medical Center, and in 2002 the campus was relocated to the grounds of the North Texas Veterans Affairs Hospital in Dallas, where a 4,800 square-foot building was renovated and dedicated to the School of Pharmacy. Additional construction during 2003 increased the size of the SOP's Dallas VA campus to approximately 8,000 square feet.


In August 2008, TTUHSC expanded its D/FW program to a second location inside the Southwest Professional Building adjacent to the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center. The 9,300 square-foot facility includes a 62-seat state-of-the-art classroom, research labs and administrative support areas. The location affords faculty and students better access to the Dallas Medical Center and several of the SOP's important partners, such as Children's Medical Center, Parkland Memorial Medical Center and the UTSW Medical School clinics and hospitals. SOP students and faculty also have user privileges at the UTSW Medical Library, one of the nation's major medical and research libraries.


Dallas Experiential Programs Staff Info


Kandice Garner
Assistant Director
Dallas SW Campus, Suite 545-F
Phone: 214-358-9017

Kandice is our Assistant Director located on our Dallas campus. She serves as the direct contact for our Dallas students and the Dallas rotation sites. Kandice assists with site development and site visits, coordinates new preceptor development for the Dallas campus, and develops and maintains the schedules for Dallas student rotations. As Assistant Director she also assists with contract development for new sites, special request reports, and campus wide events. In her spare time Kandice loves to hang out with family and friends and go out to eat for good meals. She also loves going to Ranger games and shopping.



Sarah Keaton
Unit Coordinator
Dallas SW Campus, Suite 545-B
Phone: 214-358-9067

Sarah Keaton is our Unit Coordinator for the Dallas Campus. Sarah assists with IPPE/APPE rotation maintenance, which includes coordinating pre-rotation paperwork, grade submission, and scheduling. She also conducts site visits, supports the Assistant Director with special request projects or assignments, and assists with campus wide events. Sarah enjoys traveling and experiencing new adventures with family and friends. As a Wisconsin native, she holds on to her love for the Green Bay Packers and cheese.

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