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Roadmap to Future

Wide Open Spaces

Travelling from here to there, one encounters the crossroads that are the intersections leading in one direction or another. At each crossroads, it is possible to go back, to turn to the side, or to move forward. Forward is a direction that requires being prepared for the unknown.

The future of health care in West Texas is at a crossroads.

In the last decade, tremendous advances have been made by the F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health to establish the roadmap for the rural health care for the region. The Institute has strategically expanded the infrastructure that undergirds the future of local community health. Through the integration of its research, health education and workforce development initiatives, and applications of technology to enhance access and quality, the Institute is connecting communities to each other and to new opportunities to improve health.

The Institute's roadmap for decision-making at several crossroads that will be pivotal to future include:

When communities share the determination to seek innovative ways to improve their health and well-being, they can thrive.