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Mission:  The long-term goal of the Center is to advance our knowledge of the structure and function of membrane proteins in health and disease.  The Center brings together a group of TTUHSC and TTU investigators interested in the broad field of membrane-protein research.

Rationale: After completion of the human genome sequence, biomedical research has evolved into a combination of genomics, proteomics, and functional genomics.  To a great extent, biomedical research in this century will be focused on prototypical proteins and protein families, including the determination of their structures, normal function, and their roles in human disease.  From this knowledge will emanate rational design of new pharmacological agents that will open novel therapeutic approaches.

Center for Membrane Protein Research (CMPR) TTUHSC School of Medicine:


Directors: Michael Blanton (Pharamcology) & Lan Guan (CPMB)

Steering Committee: Guillermo Altenberg (CPMB) & Joachim Weber (Chemistry)


 10th Annual CMPR Symposium - Oct. 15-16, 2018    

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