Stethoscopes for Students | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TTUHSC students walking through Lubbock campus courtyard.
TTUHSC student holding up their stethoscope

Since 2003, your generosity has helped continue this TTUHSC tradition of supporting medical students. TTUHSC Office of External Relations hosts a Scopes & Scrubs event every year to welcome new students to the university and present them with their first symbols of the profession - a stethoscope and scrubs.

Practicing medicine is as much about listening as anything else, and few tools of the trade are more vital than the stethoscope. Gifts from alumni and friends of the TTUHSC School of Medicine help support students as they prepare to become physicians.

Make a Gift

A gift of $250
will provide incoming students with the enduring symbol of the medical profession, a TTUHSC branded stethoscope and a pair of scrubs.

Thank you for supporting our students throughout their TTUHSC journey and beyond!

To learn more about Stethoscopes for Students or to make a donation, email