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Discovery to Improving Health

Research resides at the core of any great university. At TTUHSC, research thrives across schools and disciplines. Our faculty, staff and students continually win new research grants and awards to promote the prevention of disease and the treatment of illness. It’s research that can be directly applied to patient care in Texas and to the world beyond.


As cancer continues to be among the leading causes of death worldwide, TTUHSC is diligently working to reverse this statistic by making cancer research and treatment focal points of our university.

School of Medicine Cancer Center

Center for Tumor Immunology and Targeted Cancer Therapy

Breast Center of Excellence


Neurological Disorders

Aging & Pain – Promoting healthy aging through cutting-edge research and community outreach programs are at the forefront of TTUHSC’s endeavors to address age-related neurological diseases and pain. 

Garrison Institute on Aging

Center of Excellence for Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics

Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing Research

Center for Blood-Brain Barrier Research

Infectious Diseases 

Research with the goal of creating an optimal environment to find novel cures for diseases that recognize no human-made borders, TTUHSC researchers work to apply the world’s best science to fight world’s worst diseases.

Center for Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases

Amarillo Center of Excellence for Covid Research and Pandemics







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Without research, advances in medicine will stop, but your donations can continue the advancement of groundbreaking research at TTUHSC. With each new discovery, our research will fuel innovation, prevent disease, and lead to better patient outcomes.


My laboratory is investigating the immunological mechanisms responsible for the tissue damage observed in the inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis) and in graft vs. host disease.  A major goal of our research is to translate our scientific discoveries into new therapeutic strategies to treat these immunological disease.

Matthew B. Grisham, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair Vernon and Elizabeth Haggerton Chair in Gastroenterology Department of Immunology and Molecular Microbiology

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Centers & Institutes

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) has established numerous centers and institutes aligned with the TTUHSC mission. The centers and institutes associated with TTUHSC are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary endeavors that bring together TTUHSC faculty and their associates to pursue research, education and clinical activities. Each center and institute requires substantial cooperation and collaboration between health care disciplines.


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To be at the forefront of biomedical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare research and clinical practice methodologies that lead to life-saving advances for our region. 


To build an interprofessional culture composed of faculty from different schools, robustly collaborating and communicating with one another, bridging basic research to translational discoveries that benefit West Texas and the surrounding regions.




Office of Research

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