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How We Work

In order to support the critical needs of our schools and departments, we have allocated time for our services (design, photography and videography) accordingly. Learn more about our project process.


Start a Project

Each project request form gathers important details about your project so that we can determine whether we are able to take on the request as well as deliver a strong product. Projects are considered in the context of university priorities, timing and capacity. In some cases, Marketing & Communications will recommend an outside vendor best suited to meet your needs.

Please fill out all sections of the form.

Creative Services
Consultation & Design for Print and Digital Marketing Projects
Photography & Video Requests, Photography & Video Edits, Search Image Database
Marketing Strategy & Advertising

Brand/Logo Approvals

Web and Digital Services
Website Updates
Website Analytics

Media Relations
Submit a story idea
Podcast Submission Approval Form
Podcast Policy

Social Media
Social Media Accounts
Social Media Coverage

Criteria for digital signage follows the mass email policy. Submissions to the events and announcements systems can be included on digital displays.

How Requests are Received and Approved

The department of Communications and Marketing provides professional consultation and creative services to the entire university community. Our services are in high demand and we must maximize those resources through thoughtful management of projects.

Tips for a Successful Project

As stewards of the brand, it is important that we understand your goals from the very beginning. The questions within our Project Request Form will help us to better understand your business, objectives, and audience which will, in turn, allow us to set the appropriate tone for your project. The answers provided within the form will be turned into a Creative Brief to ensure that we have a clear understanding of all aspects of the project and will act as our guide to help us move efficiently through the design process. 

Find a Template

We've developed several branded templates for the campus community to simplify the creation of presentations and materials.

Find an Outside Vendor

To help TTUHSC entities achieve the most effective, efficient and cost-conscious result, External Relations maintains contracts and relationships with goods and services providers who have completed a brand orientation and approvals alignment.