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Center for Family Medicine

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The Department's ambulatory care facility, the Center for Family Medicine (CFM), is located at BSA Health System's West Campus at 1600 Wallace. The CFM's academic and faculty practices provide primary health care services for the entire family; newborn health care to senior adult health care, including obstetrical and gynecological services. In addition, the CFM practices provide referrals for specialty health care needs.

Currently, the hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Call 212-3500 for appointments.

The CFM moved to this new location in March of 1999 after BSA completely renovated the approximately 22,000 square feet of space to meet the Department's practice needs. Located on the top level of BSA's North parking garage, the CFM features:

Plentiful parking, including handicap spaces along the front sidewalk, and easy access to its front door via steps or ramp.

Spacious reception/wait areas, mens and womens public restrooms provide infant changing stations with appropriate amenities for patient convenience;

Patient triage rooms for recording vital signs and chief complaints while addressing patient privacy/confidentiality;

  • Thirty (30) patient exam rooms;
  • In-house clinical laboratory facility and staff;
  • In-house radiology section for diagnostic procedures;
  • Two (2) procedure rooms for sigmoidoscopy, colposcopy, vasectomy and numerous other office-based dermatological and surgical procedures.

In addition, the CFM maintains its own clerical support staff for reception, appointments, cashier services, medical records, and patient account services for patient convenience and ease of operation.

The CFM's physicians provide in-patient services at BSA Hospital, admitting patients to the 8th floor Family Medicine Unit as well as to the other intensive care and specialty units/floors of the hospital.

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