College Volunteers have the opportunity to volunteer in a number of ways. We will make every effort to honor your preferences regarding volunteer placement. Volunteer placements are based on clinic needs, your availability, and recommendations from Volunteer Services. We ask volunteers to commit to a minimum of 3 consecutive months for a minimum of 40 hours of service. Fun and exciting opportunities are available for volunteers who show a high degree of commitment to their assignments.

Service Opportunities: Hospitality Team, Clinical Assistant, and Special Assignments


At Texas Tech Physicians, we take patient satisfaction and service very seriously. The Hospitality Team is in place to provide an extra layer of patient engagement and service to ensure the best possible experience for our patients.

As a member of the Hospitality Team, you will be given direct and consistent contact with our patients. The expectation is for you to be friendly and available to assist not only our patients, but also Texas Tech Physician’s staff. This is a great assignment to help you develop your people skills, which is a crucial skill to have for all health care professionals.

Many volunteers begin on the Hospitality Team before becoming clinical volunteers. This helps new volunteers unfamiliar with the facility to learn about the HSC and how the various clinics relate to the overall practice.


There are more than 16 different clinics associated with Texas Tech Physicians. We serve a wide variety of primary and specialty care patients. Many of these clinics utilize volunteers to carry out various clerical and patient oriented tasks to accomplish their mission. If you are interested in becoming a clinical volunteer, please let us know and we will work with you to find an assignment that suits your interests.


Larry Combest Center

Larry Combest Community Health & Wellness Center aims to provide access to comprehensive health services to those in need, to reduce or eliminate health disparities among high risk populations, and to integrate student clinical experiences and faculty practice in effective delivery of health care services. With multiple locations and assistance programs, there is a wide range of needs being met.

The Combest Center provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to work directly with patients, as well as assist with the back of the clinic processes unique to a community wellness center. Students will volunteer in patient related areas, community outreach and general administrative areas.

Center for Superheroes

The Center for Superheroes provides comprehensive medical, mental health, behavioral health and developmental services for victims of childhood trauma and their families. Their services are primarily for children who are victims of trauma with a primary patient population of foster children and their caregivers. 

Center for Superheroes provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to work directly with patients, as well as assist with the back of the clinic processes. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with children of various ages, as well as assist with the processes that create successful sessions for the patients.

Exposures in Medicine

In addition to regular experience in our lobbies and clinics, volunteers who show a high level of commitment to their assignments will be invited to participate in other medically based experiences here at the Health Sciences Center.

Clinical Shadowing Internship

CSI provides observing opportunities to declared pre-medical students seeking admittance to TTUHSC School of Medicine. This program compliments the volunteer program by adding observation experience to students who have already gained some experience as a TTUHSC Volunteer. Minimum of 50 hours of volunteering is recommended prior to participating in CSI. 

Health Sciences Center Academic Tour

Volunteers will be given the opportunity to tour various areas of the HSC facilities including the Eye and Brain Bank, Cancer Center, and SimCenter. Volunteers will be exposed to the world of medicine in multiple ways, as well as receive an introduction to what TTUHSC provides for students and patients. The HSC Academic Tour will be offered late in the Fall semester and is open to all current volunteers and observers.

Texas Tech Physicians Health Sciences Speaker

Volunteer Services will arrange a Physician speaker to come and speak about their work and the exciting world of medicine. One session will be arranged for the Spring semester. All active volunteers and observers will be invited to attend.

End of Semester Appreciation Events

All active volunteers will be invited to attend an appreciation dinner at the conclusion of each academic year. This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with many of your peers. All active volunteers are invited to attend.

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