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The Department of Family and Community Medicine is a  fully accredited, community-based residency program in operation since 1984. The residency program consists of ten positions annually with a goal of providing a vigorous training curriculum that will enable our graduates to practice in any geographical area with a special emphasis on under served locations. Our programs newest accomplishment is the addition of a rural residency training track.

During the past several years, the program has been redesigned  to incorporate the New Model of practice from the Future of Family Medicine. In doing so, we recruited diverse faculty with strong backgrounds in education, performance improvement, practice management, procedures, research and rural medicine. We currently offer two positions annually in our Geriatric Medicine Fellowship, Hospitalist Fellowship, and Emergency Medicine Fellowship.

We are  excited about the innovative direction of our department and we hope that you will take time to look at us in more detail whether you are looking for a family physician or considering a residency in Family Medicine.