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Welcome to the Foreign Travel Approval System

This webpage has been designed to assist TTUHSC team members (faculty, staff, and residents) in completing the steps to receive approval for university-related international travel. 

More detailed information including terminology, an overview of the steps, and a link to begin the process has been included below.


Below is some important terminology to familiarize yourself with so that your experience of the Foreign Travel Approval System is as smooth as possible.

  • Foreign Travel Approval System is the online system that encompasses the foreign travel approval process, including the Foreign Travel Packet.  
  • Foreign Travel Packet is the entire international travel approval process. It includes 4 steps as noted below.
  • Institutional Approval for Foreign Travel (Step 1) is the online form that routes through the institution for appropriate signatures, ultimately ending at the Office of the President.
  • Travel Application (Step 2) is the application created in the Travel 2.0 system to encumber funds and/or request a cash advance.
  • Travel Insurance & Emergency Form(s) (Step 3) is the form that must be completed to access the international health/medical evacuation insurance provided by TTUHSC. This step also includes additional emergency & liability forms needed from those team members participating in an International Program for Students.
  • Travel Voucher (Step 4) is the online form completed in the Travel 2.0 system to receive reimbursement of expenses after the conclusion of travel. 
  • Request Number is the number assigned to an Institutional Approval for Foreign Travel (Step 1) request so that the request can be easily tracked and all steps of the foreign travel process completed. The Request Number is included on any emails received updating the traveler on the status of the request.  
  • Approval Number is the number assigned to an approved Institutional Approval for Foreign Travel (Step 1) request. This number is needed when completing a Travel Application (Step 2) and Travel Voucher (Step 4). The Approval Number is located in the subject line of the email received when the traveler is notified that the Institutional Approval for Foreign Travel is approved.  

Overview of Approval Process

Team members traveling abroad on university-related business must complete a Foreign Travel Packet. The Foreign Travel Packet consists of four steps. Each step is outlined below. 

Completing the Approval Process

Prior to travel abroad, all TTUHSC team members must access the Foreign Travel Approval System to begin a Foreign Travel Packet and receive appropriate approval for travel abroad and encumbrance of funds.

When steps 1-3 have been successfully completed, the Foreign Travel Packet will be designated complete and an email sent to the traveler. 

Any traveler using TTUHSC funds for travel-related expenses must return to the Foreign Travel Approval System upon return to the U.S. to complete the final step, the Travel Voucher. 

Additional Notes and Resources

  • Travelers will receive notification via email of any update to the status of the Foreign Travel Packet. 
  • A delegate may complete the Foreign Travel Packet on behalf of the traveler. The delegate will also receive emails regarding updates to the Foreign Travel Packet status.  
  • For additional resources, including a tutorial on navigating the Foreign Travel Approval System, please see the Helpful Links section below. 

Begin the Foreign Travel Approval Process

To access a Foreign Travel Packet and begin the approval process, please select the link below which will direct you to the Foreign Travel Approval System. Log in with your eRaider ID and password, then select Begin New Foreign Travel Packet under User Options. 

Foreign Travel Approval System link

Got Questions?

We're here to help. Please feel free to contact the Office of Global Health at if you have any questions about the foreign travel approval process.