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The Office of Global Health (OGH) coordinates the execution of agreements with international institutions and organizations in the support of international programs for students and TTUHSC faculty exchanges. In serving as TTUHSC's contact for the agreement development process, OGH supports TTUHSC faculty and ensures the university acts in a strategic and consistent manner.

TTUHSC has a two-phase agreement process that includes a Letter of Intent and a Program Agreement.

Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent is a general umbrella document whereby TTUHSC and the international institution agree to explore future collaborations. 

The Letter of Intent does not set forth a specific program or project, but is the requisite parent document to any specific agreement which may later be executed between the parties.

The Letter of Intent is signed at the department or school level and by the Office of Global Health. 

Program Agreement 

A Program Agreement defines specific collaborative programs, projects, and initiatives by outlining expectations and responsibilities. It is established on behalf of a specific TTUHSC school and requires the approval of the President of TTUHSC.

Individual Program Agreements are executed for each separate program or project, such as observerships, student exchanges, ongoing faculty visits, joint research projects, and other collaborations.

Agreement Process

To better understand the process for developing and executing an agreement with an institution or organization abroad, please contact the Office of Global Health or visit our website. MORE