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Research Day 2022

This annual event is a wonderful opportunity for the School of Medicine's Medical students, Residents, and Fellows from the Permian Basin campus to come together to discuss related topics in research to build collaborations and friendships. Research day will be handled virtually and consists of oral presentation competitions, keynote address, and poster presentations on current research.

Administrative support for this event is handled by the School of Medicine's Research Department staff. The program is handled by the Research Scientific Committee and the School of Medicine Research Department.

For questions please email: PBresearchday@ttuhsc.edu

Research Day Award Winners

On behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee, we would like to give thanks to Dr. Timothy Benton, Dr. Lavi Oud, judges, moderators, presenters, and attendees for joining us for the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center 31st Annual Permian Basin Research Day 2022. We are all proud of every presenter who shared with us their contributions to the scientific community as a whole and would like to give Dr. Samuel Prien, our keynote speaker, a personal thanks for his outstanding presentation. The virtual event was a success and without everyone who attended; presenters, judges, moderators, and attendees, alike, this event would have not been possible. For this time, we would like to announce the winners for Friday's Research 2022 symposium.

For Oral Presentations:


Case Report/Case Series Category 
1st Place
Karthik Chamarti, MD:
Schistocytosis in Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Mimicking Thromboitc Thrombocytopenia
Purpura: A Rare Complication
Kejal Shah, MD: 
- Allupurinol Induced Diffuse
Erythroderma with Concomitant PlaquePsoriasis
- A Case of Prolymphocytic Leukemia 
2nd Place
Vadesh Kumar Babu, MD
A "Splitting" Neck-ache: Exercise Induced Bilateral
Vertebral Artery Dissection
3rd Place
Priya Velumani, MD:
Hypophosphatasia - A Rare and Unique Bone 
Mineralization Disorder 
Clinical Research Category
1st Place
Edward Woo, MD+, Gousia Shoukat, MD+ 
Impact of Prior USe of Renin-Angiotensin-
Aldosterone System Inhibitors on the Clinical
Outcomes in Pre-Vaccinated Hospitalized
COVID-19 Patients
+ = Authors contributed equally
2nd Place
Chintan Trivedi, MD+, Darshini Vora, MD+
Association of Fluoxetine with Insomnia
Among Children and Adolescents
with Depression
+ = Authors contributed equally
3rd Place
Chintan Trivedi, MD
Suicidality Among Transgender Patients 
Admitted to the Inpatient Hospital:
A Propensity Matched Analysis
Quality Improvement Category
1st Place 
Kejal Shah, MD
Effect of Reflective Thinking Format of 
Note-Writing on the Clinical Making of
Third and Fourth-Year Medical Students:
A Pilot Study
For Poster Presentations:


Case Report/Case Series Category
1st Place
Mariana Trevino, MS-3
Bilobate Placenta with Intervillous
Thrombosis and Infarct - A Report
of Good Neonatal Outcome 
2nd Place
Sabrina Leung, MD+, Taelah Wooten, DO+
Ashley Lopez, MD+
Large Ovarian Mucinous
Cystadenoma in Early Pregnancy
+ = Authors contributed equally
3rd Place 
Prince Ernest, MD
"Double Whammy": Tricuspid and
Mitral Endocarditis in IV Drug 
User with Diffuse Septic Emboli
Raafae Agha, MD+, Zershana Khan, MD+
Development of PTSD After Severe COVID
+ = Authors contributed equally
Clinical Research Category
1st Place
Anudeeksha Sateeshkumar, MS3
Underdiagnosis of Obesity/Overweight
in an Academic Outpatient Setting
2nd Place
Madeleine Holguin, PharmD
Safety and Efficacy of Vancomycin 
Utilization Prior to and Post 
Implementation of a New Dosing
3rd Place
Aiswarya Lakshmi Nandakumar, MD
Mood Disorders and It's Association
with Thyroid Related Abnormalities 
Quality Imporvement Category
1st Place
Ahmad Hamdan, MD
Improving Providers' Attitudes and
Knowledge of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual
and/or Ally (LGBTQIA+) Health

Our Keynote Speaker: Dr. Samuel Prien, Ph.D.

Samuel Prien

Dr. Samuel Prien, Ph.D., is Director of the Clinical and Research Laboratories and Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). He holds a joint appointment as professor of Animal and Food Sciences at Texas Tech University (TTU). Dr. Prien completed his training at TTU, earning a Ph.D. in Animal Science with an emphasis in reproductive physiology in 1991.

Dr. Prien supervises three clinical labs that work directly with medical teams to assist in the treatment of infertilty patients while dedicating time to teach on both campuses, training 50 graduate students over the last 30 years. 

Dr. Prien's main emphasis is in translational work in improving assisted reproductive technologies for treating infertility in humans and improving genetics and reproductive efficiency in animals. Having received numerous grants totaling over two million dollars in funding has earned him a multitude of publications. He has presented over hundreds of times at regional, national, and international conferences and is no stranger to innovation. He currently holds five U.S. Patents, with eighteen associated international patents, three copyrights, and has eight other patents pending. Dr. Prien was recently named a Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors, the first faculty named an NAI Fellow at TTUHSC.

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