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LARC SOPs for Vivarium Operations

Standard Operating Procedures

Each LARC vivarium site has developed an SOP manual that uniquely describes the exact procedures in use for that site. Although each site is under the TTUHSC LARC umbrella, unique differences exist that are expected and encouraged by LARC management. Hence, knowledge of these procedures is extremely important prior to beginning work at any of our vivarium facilities.

The SOP manual is a very valuable tool. It is used to provide training to new LARC staff, to answer specific questions regarding procedures and/or equipment, to demonstrate to inspectors and accreditation site visitors our conduct of the animal care program, and to catalog procedures for future reference.

Each SOP contains the following information: a header, responsibilities section, procedure section, and signatory. Prior to final approval a draft watermark is maintained on all circulated electronic and paper copies. Each SOP must be reviewed and approved by the the LARC Supervisor, LARC Managing Director, and LARC Executive Director (final approval).

SOP Numbering System: The General sections are assigned a three digit number commencing with 100 and proceeding numerically in multiples of 100 until all general categories are addressed. Individual SOP's are assigned a unique number followed by a decimal point and two additional digits to indicate the revision number.

100's  General Operating Procedures

200's  Animal Room Maintenance

300's  Daily Animal Health

400's  Operations

500's  Veterinary Procedures

600's  Occupational Health, Hazards, and Safety

700's  Quality Assurance and Microbiological Surveillance

800's  Animal Enrichment

900's  ABSL - 3 Vivarium

SOP Manual's for each LARC Vivarium: The LARC SOP manuals are maintained in each of the LARC facilities.