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Guidelines and Suggestions

The LARC maintains database information, literature, and case reports pertaining to these topics. Best practices and guideline documents have been prepared to assist investigators with these procedures. They can be obtained by sending email to:

      • Guidelines for Blood Collection
      • Rodent Pain Guidelines
      • Guidelines for Animal Dosing
      • Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Compounds in Animals
      • Testing of Cell Lines and other Biologics Prior to use in Animals
      • Suggestions for Maintaining Appropriate Animal Medical Records
      • Anesthetic Gas Scavenging
      • Use of Respiratory Protection and other PPE
      • Writing a Good Lay Summary
      • Mouse Breeding 101
      • Determination of the Number of Animals Needed in Each Study Group
      • Searching the Literature using the Three R's
      • Best Practices when Prolonged Animal Restraint is Necessary
      • Immunization and Antibody Production including Ascites Production