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Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosure (COIC)

TTUHSC policy requires that all research study personnel disclose any actual (or potential) conflict of interest, and have a current financial disclosure on file.  This is done by completing the Conflict of Interest and Commitment (COIC) Training and Disclosure module at least annually, AND updated within thirty (30) days of a change in significant financial interests.  You will need to complete the COIC module if you are:

  • Requesting an iRIS account for ANY reason
    (This includes: meeting course requirements, serving on compliance committees)
  • Involved in the design, conduct, reporting, or oversight of non-exempt human subject research
    (This applies to: all TTUHSC Faculty/Staff/Residents, all TTU Faculty/Staff, all TTUHSC/TTU students)
  • An IRB Board Member in Amarillo or Lubbock

For additional information about the policies for financial disclosures and conflict of interest, refer to  TTUHSC OP 73.09, Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research, and TTUHSC OP 10.05, Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy.

If you have any questions about submitting a disclosure, visit the COIC Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact the IRB Education Coordinator.

Accessing the COIC Training/Disclosure

Contact Information

The Research Integrity Office (RIO) provides an initial review of financial disclosure statements from TTUHSC researchers, as well as administrative oversight of the TTUHSC Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (COIRC).

If you have any problems accessing the COIC links above, please contact the IRB Education Coordinator.

For technical questions regarding the completion of the COIC module, please contact Wendy Pruitt, TTUHSC COIC Coodinator (, or visit the  Institutional Compliance website

Click HERE for the complete set of instructions on this page for COIC.


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